George Barrie Collection  1886
(all images on 17 1/4 x 11 6/8 " heavy paper)
Full page write up with each plate
some tattering of edges but generally very good condition
Can $30  US $25 each

Goodall,F.  The Monastery,  AFTER Achenbach,Oswald - engraving

SOLD  Blanchard A. An Antique Studio of Painting, AFTER Alma-Tadema, L.

Sharpe, C.W.  Pastime in Ancient Egypt, AFTER Alma-Tadema

Didier, Ad.  Lybian Sibyl,  AFTER Angelo, Michael

Aubert, Jean E. The Confidence, -photogravure

Aublet, Albert  The Duke de Guise- photogravure

Baugniet, Charles  Autumn - photogravure

Hecht, W. Idyll of the Sea, AFTER Bocklin, Arnold - engraving

Moran, Peter Oxen Ploughing, AFTER Bonheur, Rosa - engraving

Rajon, P.A.  Don't Cry,  AFTER Bonnat, Leon J.L. -engraving

Bonnat,Leon J.F. Riberia Sketching in Rome  -photogravure

Bouguereau, W.A.  First Caresses,  -photogravure

Breton, Jules Sunset in Finistere, - photogravure

Forberg, Ernst Frederick the Great, AFTER Camphausen, Wm - engraving

Armytage, J.C. The Spring of Life,  AFTER Camposto, H. - engraving

Cousen, C. The Woodland Gate, AFTER Collins, W. -engraving

Cousen, C.  The Wheat-field, AFTER Constable, John - engraving

Cousen, C. Entrance to the Grand Canal, AFTER Cooke, Edward W.- engraving

Hinshelwood, R. The Old Mill, AFTER Cropsey, Jasper F. - engraving

SOLD Bourne, H. Tambourine Girl, AFTER De Coninck, P.L.J. -engraving 

Sonnenleiter, J. Speckbacher and his Son, AFTER Defragger, Frank - engraving

Flameng, L. Execution of Marino Faliero Delacroix, AFTER Eugene - engraving

Delort, Charles Richelieu and his Cats  - photogravure

Bal, F. Madonna, engraving

SOLD Saddler, J. Homeless, AFTER Dore, Gustave - engraving

Vernon, T. The Madonna , AFTER Dyce, William - engraving

Smith, L. A Visit to the Sister, AFTER Eastlake, Sir Charles - engraving

Jeens, C..H. The Justice of the Life, AFTER Faed, John - engraving

Bell, R.C. US  1886 For the New Life Faed, Thomas George Barrie engraving

Krauskopf, W. Hafis at the Fountain, AFTER Feuerbach, Anselm - engraving

Fortuny, Mauriano Portrait of Madame Garcia  - photogravure

Cousen, C. The Convalescent, AFTER Foster, Birket - engraving

Ferris, S.J. The Road to Ruin, AFTER Frith, William P. - engraving

Garner, T. L'Allegro, AFTER Frost, William E. - engraving

Moran, Peter The Cat Feigning Death, AFTER Gempt, B.te - engraving

Hinchelwood, R. San Georgio, Venice, AFTER Gifford, S.R. - engraving

Armytage, J.C. Christiana at the House of Gaius, AFTER Gilbert, Sir John - engraving

SOLD Joubert, F. Morning, AFTER Greuze, Jean B. - engraving

SOLD Joubert, F. Simplicity, AFTER Greuze, Jean B. - engraving

Newmann, Adolf. Hard Luck, AFTER Grutzner, E. - engraving

Stenton&Bowney Cleopatra, AFTER Guido, Reni - engraving

Greux, G. Still-Life, AFTER Heem, Cornelius de - engraving

Doby, e. The Lamentation over Jerusalem, AFTER Horowitz, Leopold - engraving

Stocks, L. Detected, AFTER Horsey, John C. - engraving

Ferris, S.J. The End of the Game, AFTER Irving, J.B. - engraving

Jacquet, Gustave Pandora's Box  - photogravure

Jacquet, Gustave The Rendezvous  - photogravure

Kaemmerer, F.H. A Wedding under the Directory  - photogravure

Lewis, C. The Friend in Suspense, AFTER Landseer, Sir Edwin - engraving

Lecomte du Nouy, J.J.A.  The Honeymoon,  - photogravure

Leon y Escosura, I. Gerome Visiting a Pupil's Studio , - photogravure

SOLD Stocks, L. Uncle Toby and the Widow Wadman, AFTER Leslie, Charles R. - engraving

Leys, Baron Henri The Pallavicini Family made Citizens of Antwerp,  - photogravure

Bourne, H  The Misers,  AFTER Matsys, Quentin - engraving

Meissonier, J.L.E. The Artist and his Bride  - photogravure

Meissonier, J.L.E. The Younger Van de Velde and his Father  - photogravure

Carey, C. Waiting Audience, AFTER Meissonier, J.L.E. - engraving (badly water stained)

SOLD Rauscher, C. The Proposal, AFTER Metsu, Gabriel - engraving

Lightfoot, P. Rousseau and the Young Ladies, AFTER Metzmacher, E.P.R. - engraving

Barlow, T.G. Parting of Edgar and Lucy of Lammermoor, AFTER Millais, Sir John E. - engraving

Eissenhardt The Madonna and Four Saints, AFTER Moretto - engraving

Munkacsy, Michael The Night Hawks, - photogravure

Neuville, Alphonse de Defense of Le Bourget,  - photogravure

Stevenson, J. The August Presence, AFTER Nicol, Erskine - engraving

Bourne, H God's Acre, AFTER Osborn, Emily - engraving

Graves, R. Paolo and Francesca Paton, AFTER Sir J. Noel - engraving

Perrault, Leon B. Nature's Mirror  - photogravure

Pelee, P. The Foot-bath, AFTER Plassan, A.E. - engraving

Joubert, F. Feeding the Sacred Ibis, AFTER Poynter, Edw. J. - engraving

Pujol, Clement A Rehersal of Amateurs,  - photogravure

Lutz, F. The Cherubs, AFTER Raphael - engraving

Raab, Dora  Lady with a Fan, AFTER Rembrandt - engraving

Renouf, Emile A Helping Hand,  - photogravure

La Guillermie The Coquette, AFTER Reynolds,  Sir Joshua - engraving

Doby, E. Martyrdom of St. Andrew, AFTER Ribera - engraving

SOLD Stocks, L. Young lady of Frascati

Moran, Peter The Last Hope AFTER Riedel, August - engraving

Hinshelwood, R.  Elaine, AFTER Rosenthal, Toby E. - engraving

Mare, J. de Helene Fourment, Wife of Rubens, AFTER Rubens, Peter Paul - engraving

Greatbach, W. Jesus at the House of Simon, AFTER Rubens, Peter Paul - engraving

Holl, F.  A Duet, AFTER Sant, James - engraving

Flameng, L.  Goethe's Marguerite, AFTER Scheffer, Ary - engraving

SOLD Raucher, C.  The Severe Censor AFTER Schmid, Mattias - engraving

Ferris, S.J.  The Amulet-Seller, AFTER Siemeradski, H. - engraving

Bourne,H.  The Interrupted Duel,  AFTER Stone, Marcus - engraving

Garner, F. The Vintage Festival, AFTER Stothard, Thos. - engraving

Tissot, James  The Exiles,  - photogravure

Smith, S.  The Model - Laura at her Toilet, AFTER Titian - engraving

SOLD Bradshaw, S.  Regulus Leaving Carthage, AFTER Turner, J.M.W. - engraving

Vautier, Benjamin  The Welcome Home,  - photogravure

Bell, R.C.  Russian Peasant's Home, AFTER Yvon, Adolphe - engraving