The following Hogarth prints are all in very good condition. They are Craddock & Baldwin publications from 1820-1828. The paper size is 25x19 ". 

Generally $100 US for full page prints and $50 US for half page prints 

An excellent presentation of Horgarth's work with pictures of some of these prints is found at:

Analysis of Beauty Plate I sold
Analysis of Beauty Plate II sold
The Harlot's Progress Plate 3
The Harlot's Progress Plate 4
The Harlot's Progress Plate 5
The Harlot's Progress Plate 6
The South Sea (1/2 page)
Masquerades and Operas- Burlington Gate (1/2 page)
Altar Pieces at St. Clement's (1/2 page)
Royalty, Episcopacy, and Law (1/2 page)
Hudibras Plate x 6
The Beggar's Opera
The Beggar's Opera Burlesqued (1/2 page)
Just View of the British Stage (1/2 page)
Examination of Bambridge
A Chorus of Singers sold
The Lottery (1/2 page)
The Laughing Audience sold
The Man of Taste (1/2 page)
Rich's Triumphant Entry (1/2 page)
Woman Swearing a Child
Company of Undertakers sold
The Lecture sold
Battle of the Pictures (1/2 page)
Portrait of Simon, Lord Lovat
Industry and Idleness Plates 1-11
Hymen and Cupid (1/2 page)
A Country Inn Yard (1/2 page)
Gin Lane 
The First Stage of Cruelty sold
The Second Stage of Cruelty sold
Cruelty in Perfection sold
The Reward of Cruelty sold
Paul Before Felix, Plate ll
Paul Before Felix, Plate lll
Columbus Breaking the Egg (1/2 page)
Receipt for the Election Prints (1/2 page)
The Bench sold
Five Orders of Periwigs sold
Frontspiece to Kirby's "Perspective Made Easy" (1/2 page)
Frontspiece to Dr. Brook Taylor's Perspective 
Time Smoking a Picture (1/2 page)
Receipt for March to Finchley (1/2 page)
The Farmer's Return (1/2 page)
Head and Tail Pieces to the Artist's Catalogue
The Times Plates l & ll 
The Portrait of John Wilkes
Portrait of Lord Holland (1/2 page)
Portrait of Lord Charlemont (1/2 page)
Debates on Palmestry (1/2 page)
The Staymaker (1/2 page)
Characters and Caricatures (1/2 page) sold